Corn sticks with interesting gifts and different adventures

Lucky Boy and Lucky Girl

A big egg full of chocolates and toy surprise

Lucky Boy and Lucky Girl Choco Bon

An egg full of gum and toy surprise

Lucky Boy and Lucky Girl egg with gum

More about us

Moon Light J.C.J. Ltd. was created in 1993, founded by two partners. The company’s main business is focused on the manufacture of corn sticks and snacks. “Moon Light” is the first manufacturer of snacks with memorable gifts in each and every pack, sold under the mark “Lucky Boy”, and the company quickly turns into a market leader, holding a large market share of the sales of snacks with gifts in Bulgaria.

In our strive to be the best and to ensure that our kids receive an outstanding product, we constantly search for and adapt advanced and new technologies in our business sphere. Thanks to our experience of many years we have one of the most modern production lines for corn sticks (snacks) manufacture in Europe.

More about the quality

Himalayan salt

The salt is an important taste characteristic, and reducing its contents reflects negatively on the pleasure of the consumer’s taste. That’s why in the products of Moon Light J.C.J. Ltd. we use only high quality Himalayan salt.

High quality corn semolina

Upon the manufacture of each product we use corn semolina of high quality corn certified as gluten – and – GMO free. It is a good source for the memory and metabolism needed vitamins.

Baked, not fried

Our products are not fried! For years Moon Light J.C.J. Ltd. has strived to offer you always high quality and delicious products at the same time. In order to ensure this irresistible taste and guaranteed quality, we improve constantly our production technologies.

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