Production process

We appreciate highly your approval, so we would like to share “Our production secret”

1 Step

Firstly we mix the corn semolina in the mixer with mineralized water. After that the mix goes into the extruder, which at a high temperature pops the corn semolina, and now, please, pay special attention – our product is not fried. The finished corn sticks are shot through an air flow into the flavor-enhancer, with the air coming from a compressor with built-in micro filter – and exceptional technology guaranteeing the cleanness of the air flow.

Our comprehensive and elaborate studies proved that the vegetable oil which is millennia old has high contents of coenzyme Q10. The vitamins A and E and carotin contribute to the oil’s unique and wholesome qualities, as a result of which it is the best flavor-maker for our products. In order to achieve the best possible quality, we also add an antioxidant.

2 Step

Now we flavor the corn sticks with our various natural ingredients, ordered and customized especially for us, through injecting them using a special proportioning device, and form there they are on the way to automated packaging. With this procedure our production process is completed.

3 Step

We shared with you our “secret recipe” because we want to be the best professionals, and this we can achieve only if we have your approval and recognition that Moon Light D.S.D. Ltd. offers you high-quality and excellent snacks. And probably the answer why our products carry the names – “Lucky Boy” and “Lucky Girl” lies exactly here.