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The healthy food is most important for your kid?…Of course! We, of Moon Light J.C.J. Ltd. have always been aware of that and we have never made a compromise. And now we give you even more reasons to choose our products for your kid…

We, the team of Moon Light J.C.J. Ltd., know very well that the healthy and high quality food is most important for your kid. Therefore we use all possible efforts and resources to ensure that your kid will get only the best!

Himalayan salt

The salt is an important taste characteristic, and reducing its contents reflects negatively on the pleasure of the consumer’s taste. That’s why in the products of Moon Light J.C.J. Ltd. we use only high quality Himalayan salt.

High quality corn semolina

Upon the manufacture of each product we use corn semolina of high quality corn certified as gluten – and – GMO free. It is a good source for the memory and metabolism needed vitamins.

Baked, not fried

Our products are not fried! For years Moon Light J.C.J. Ltd. has strived to offer you always high quality and delicious products at the same time. In order to ensure this irresistible taste and guaranteed quality, we improve constantly our production technologies.

Have you made sure yet that Moon Light J.C.J. Ltd. products are the best choice for your kid?

Now remains to understand and everything else…

Which product is most suitable for my kid?
We, the team of Moon Light J.C.J. Ltd. created products suitable for all ages and preferences of your kids.

The Series Lucky Boy and Lucky Girl with a gift consists of four versions: Original – the smallest and popular pack size; Jumbo – a larger pack with gifts for our more pretentious little customers; Extra – the largest pack with gifts for our most exigent little friends and the new Mini Series, accessible for each little consumer.

For the sweets lovers we created Lucky Boy and Lucky Girl with chocolate.

How can I be sure that the gift will be suitable for a boy / girl?
You should not need worry about that. All our products from the series Lucky Boy and Lucky Girl with gifts have special presents for the little sirs and little ladies respectively.
Where can I buy your products from?
The products of Moon Light D.S.D. OOD can be found in most of the small and large stores in the commercial network countrywide. All you have to do is to ask the employees there for the products of Lucky Boy, Lucky Girl and Happy Kids.

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